Sunday, August 16, 2009

happy, just missed it, VJ day

The title is a little inappropriate i know and this post is late regardless of how you look at it, so i most likely fail. Regardless this is to important to pass up. Today (yesterday, w/e) was the 64th anniversary of VJ day (Victory Japan for those who didn't pay attention to life). 64 years ago Japan's then emperor, Hirohito, announced the surrender of his campaign (not really to sure who was really in charge, but hes the emperor) in world war II, more or less ending the war in total. The people of japan expressed their respect to their war dead, to which the current Emperor and Empress (Akihito (Hirohito's son if you didnt catch on) and Michiko) attended a ceremony at the Nihon Budokan Hall in the glorious city of Tokyo. The prime minister made a public speech expressing his deep regret and apologies on behalf of Japan while reasuring the world that the situation will never be repeated by the japanese.
This my friends is an example of the Japanese emperor trying to redeem himself for a Meiwaku. A meiwaku is something that brings Shame not only to an individual but the entire group he represents (in this case the whole nation of Japan). This usually entails lots of apologizing (even after 64 years). A Meiwaku is bad because it breaks the wa (or Harmony) of the world. Its everybodies goal/ responsibility not to break the wa so as not to shame the group. Well thats my knowledge to spread for now. PAX!,2933,539704,00.html?test=latestnews

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