Friday, October 2, 2009

Tagawa on my shoulder

Suiho Tagawa has hunted me a bit since seeing them at the Kyoto International Manga Museum. You can't really pick these up at Borders, so Tim Hensley of Blog Flume pull together a nice lil slide show of animations and comic excerpts. Check it here.

I was kicking myself for not taking pics then I realized that I used someone else's camera. Ben maybe...? I'm gonna get you. There was no way I would have left that place with out any!

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  1. i bought 4 of tagawa's books in a used bookstore in tokyo - if you're even in chi and want to look at them gimme a heads up and you can take your time. also, there is a piece on him in the comic anthology "kramer's ergot 6," with a short bio piece, an excerpt of a longer story (translated into english), and some other book images, like some design work.