Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"Japanese mother seeks boxing record" (George Foreman style, not Bento style)

When people talk about Japanese women and "boxing" it might be thought of in the context of creating interesting bento boxes for children and husbands to take with them during the day. In the case of Kazumi Izaki, however, they would be mistaken - at least in part.

No doubt she makes such lunches for her two kids, but she is also keen to hit an opponent in the head, in the ring, round 1. Yes, she is not only a boxer, but one going for the record of the oldest to win a world title in boxing.

Read about her and listen to a recent interview by the BBC. Unusual to say the least, but also interesting to consider in light of all the Hawaiian and Mongolian athletes taking the Japanese Sumo world by storm in the past years. Of course, there is also Japanese women's wrestling, WWF style.

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