Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jungle Japan Video Attack Show

It's a jungle out there! And even with all the city and cement, endless wires and shoes and silver sparkling towers reaching for the sky, animals have still found ways to survive and speckle the landscapes of japan. Don't worry, I had them sign internet release forms.
Here's some unusually brave pidgeys and pigeottos in Hiroshima.
Animals must be brave here, and always ready for aCRAZY BEETLE-ANT SHOWDOWN at the gold castle in Kyoto!
Some of the onlookers were interesting too, they had quite unique fashion sense.

This blue-tailed skink in Kyoto was sad that he lost the bet when the ants won, he's going home.
The crows in Kyoto clearly have other plans...
What could they be thinking?
Well, in any case this egret/crane(?) wants nothing to do with it,
"Just a slow, scenic day at the river thankyouverymuch!" he told me.
So this is what those crows were after!! DINNER!
However snake meat can be very costly here,
So it's time for EPIC BATTLE #2, Crow VS Snake!
I was concerned when I saw one crow had been bitten,
as he soon struggled while flying to the next tree.
Crow-san mourns his fallen friend dramatically
in the rain, giving us an ominous image in the graveyards of Tokyo.
The battle between snake and crow may not be over for him!
But unfortunately this post is..

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