Thursday, June 4, 2009

Marriage in Japan (Cartoons, Bras, and Traditions) (by Michael C.)

Japanese Man Petition to Wed Manga Cartoon

Original Story October 30 2008

A Japanese man Taichi Takashita got hundreds of people (aiming for a million) to sign a petition to present to the government to establish a law allowing humans to marry cartoons stating that he feels more comfortable in a 2 dimensional world.

"For a long time I have only been able to fall in love with two-dimensional people and currently I have someone I really love," one person wrote.

Currently, Japan permits marriage between human men and women, butgives no legal recognition to same-sex relationships.

"During the age of aristocracy, Muko-iri was the common marriage system in Japan. A bridegroom would nightly visit his bride at her home. Only after the birth of a child or the loss of his parents would be the bride be accepted as the wife in the man's home."

"With the rise of "Bushi" warriors, the system of women marrying into men's families called Yome-iri was gradually adopted and widely accepted in the 14th century and on. Under the feudal system marriages were often used as political and diplomatic approaches to maintaining peace and unity among feudal lords."

"Marriages came to be arranged by and for families and the role of "Nakodo" go-between became very important in Japan. Now this Yome-iri system is quite common in Japan and you can find the traditional procedure in the contemporary marriage."


The Japanese Marriage Bra!!!

The garment's described objective is to allow marriage-minded women to essentially wear their ambitions, with a chest-mounted countdown cloc , pen and seal holster (for signing marriage contracts), and a ring receptacle that beeps "The Wedding March" when filled.

The wedding bra, and the manga cartoon are both obviously just stunts to gain media attention, but hey, don't we all love a good stunt?

As far as this business of prearranged marriages go, I think people should have the right to chose. In fact, from a scientific standpoint, the right to natural selection maintains the integrity of a species by allowing the female to chose the most suitable mate based on key indicators that demonstrate a higher chance of survival. The brightness of an animals colors are a good indicator of his health. If he wins a fight, he's obviously stronger etc ... In fact, if there is little or no choice, as in the case of incest, undesirable traits start to develop in the species. And i'm pretty sure this is the case with royalty (Queen Victoria married her first cousin, Prince Albert) keeping the bloodline clean by marrying cousins, and ending up creating kings and queens with mental problems.

I think we are all essentially searcing for mr./ mrs. right, and end up settling for mr./ mrs. right now... but hey...

Life is short. Have fun.

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