Wednesday, June 3, 2009

super milk

Kind of old news, but in October of 2008, Nakazawa foods announced that they were marketing a new kind of milk: stress-relieving milk.

The product is targeted at "adults who live in a stressful society," and is currently priced at around 43 USD a 1-quart bottle.
The active ingredient of course, is melatonin, a natural hormone produced in most animals that regulates sleep cycles. The cows are said to be milked just before sunrise, as their production of the said hormone is highest at this time. The milk is bottled within 6 hours of extraction, and contains three to four times the amount of melatonin found in normal milk.

It's no surprise that a country that has practiced such strict farming techniques in order to deliver higher standards of beef would produce such a product, but at 43 dollars a bottle (roughly 30 times the tokyo area standard), one might just be better off heading down to the health store and mixing your own.

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