Thursday, June 4, 2009


I've been looking for some new Japanese music that I actually like for sometime now and have been rather unsuccessful. However today I stumbled upon Niseenenmodai!
This group consists of three young ladies Himeno Sayaka (drums), Zaikawa Yuri (bass) and Takada Masako (guitar) from Tokyo.

I think that what is in the popular, and even unpopular, media says a lot about a culture. Nisennenmodai isn't what I would say 'popular' in Japan. Not from what I've seen thus far, I just found them like 2 hours ago) But this is defintely the beginning of a furter music exploration. Japan, I know you have more than just DJ Krush! Where ever all the good music is i will find it!

I'm going to add there music to the blog tools so we (i) can rock own while we (i) read all the new posts. You can check out some of their tunes HERE.


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